Practice makes permanent


The old saying is that practice makes perfect. However I think “Practice makes permanent” is more apt. Bad practice just breeds bad habits. This article discusses some of the implications of this.Kneeling Judoka

Take it slow

People often attempt throwing or drilling practice as fast as they can manage. Even when learning a new technique the temptation is to try to perform the technique quickly. Unfortunately this means if you are practicing it wrongly that you’re learning bad habits more quickly. Fast practice is more realistic and has it’s place but don’t be afraid to slow the practice down to ensure that every part is correct.

Break bad habits

Even with the above it’s likely that you’ll develop some bad habits. It’s important that you identify these issues so that they can be tackled. Once you are aware of where you are going wrong you can begin to focus on that. One issue I’ve noticed recently is that I don’t lift my Hikite enough in preparation for forward throws. To combat this I’ve been trying to focus on good movement with my arms.


Bad practice can solidify bad habits but being aware of this will mean that practice makes perfect.

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