Judo Books

Intro This article goes over some of the judo books and other related books that I’ve read. Reference books The A-z of Judo by Syd Hoare The A-z of Judo by Syd Hoare is a great reference for a myriad of techniques in judo – even including things like neck crushes. Each […]


Judo Trophies

Competitions begin before hajime

Intro The romantic view of competitions is of two judoka both trying to better their opponent. I believe, however, that 90% of competitions are won before either person steps onto the mat. The work that people put into their training will come out on the mat. It’s hard to make […]

First grading

Intro Recently I had my first grading on the road to my black belt. I feel that my judo has been improving and it feels more positive and gradings and competitions are a great test for this. There was a nervous energy that I had but for the most part […]

Tied Judo Brown Belt

Judo Sensei

Teach judo

If you think you understand something, try to explain it. Intro Teaching judo is an excellent way to learn judo. This may sound backwards but often attempting to articulate particular techniques will provide you with a deeper understanding of the technique. In the worst case you’ll come across holes in […]

Overcoming the fear of being thrown

Intro One of the problems that novice judoka can face is a fear of being thrown. However becoming comfortable with being thrown is one of the major ways that beginner judoka can quickly improve. The issue Throwing (and therefore being thrown) is, obviously, a core part of judo. If you […]

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