Treating mat burns


Foot fireMat burns are a common occurrence in judo and although the are usually just a minor annoyance it’s always a good idea to treat them properly. This post goes over how to go about treating mat burns.


Most people wont stop training when they get a mat burn and treat it and, truthfully, there’s nothing wrong with this. However when you get a chance you should clean and prepare the mat burn.


Although not a true burn, cold water will cool the area and clear out any debris in the burn. A couple of minutes is usually sufficient. The water should be cold, but not freezing. Ice should not be used either.


Apply an antiseptic (for example Germolene or Savlon). An antiseptic will prevent or limit the growth of any bacteria.


Finally covering the burn will prevent any nasties getting in and, if you’re training will prevent (or at least lessen) reinjuring the area. Some people have good experiences with Blister plasters. However plasters can be problematic as they tend to fall off. One alternative is Liquid plasters. If you do opt to avoid plasters or covering in general (and to be honest, most people do). Then just ensure you clean the burn after each training session.


In the end most mat burns will heal even if left alone but following these tips will reduce the healing time and decrease the likelhood of infection.

Do you have any tips for treating mat burns? Let me know in the comments.


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