Practice makes permanent

Intro The old saying is that practice makes perfect. However I think “Practice makes permanent” is more apt. Bad practice just breeds bad habits. This article discusses some of the implications of this. Take it slow People often attempt throwing or drilling practice as fast as they can manage. Even […]

Kneeling Judoka

Judo Trophies

Competitions begin before hajime

Intro The romantic view of competitions is of two judoka both trying to better their opponent. I believe, however, that 90% of competitions are won before either person steps onto the mat. The work that people put into their training will come out on the mat. It’s hard to make […]

Beginner strength programs

This article details three beginner strength programs that I’ve had success with. Even if you’re not a beginner these will stand you in good stead. While not specifically targeted at martial artists these programs will give you the necessary foundation as well as familiarise you with many exercises that are […]